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I'm just a guy who's a colourist for fun.
[I will remove any art I have coloured upon request from the original artist]

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Try Deviant Art for general and mature picture uploads and Furaffinity & Twitter for everything.

I don't want to cause they all fuck with the quality of the image, what I upload here isn't modified and gives those that look at it the best quality.

So what do you plan to do? :c

se if I can get it set up so I can post more without being scouted, Failing that...twitter, I guess.

@GIGA-XISBASS @BadGengar I see, well you might have to if you can't get it set up so you don't need scouting.

That's a weird system in of itself.

Not sure what else you could do than what I suggested. Still I hope you find a solution.

you say you can't get scouted? it shows me the option to scout you

You can but because I colour others art I get unscouted within a day because I'm not an original creator.

What are you looking for, a site to act as a gallery or a social site like Twitter? If Newgrounds doesn't work out you could try Pixiv or e621 as galleries? Pixiv is kind of fucky since they are Japanese-based and might bother you about censorship but they'll host original quality files. e621 hosts original quality files too but since it's a furry booru they have posting rules and basic tagging you'd need to learn and an Avoid-Posting list for artists, which might be annoying since you're a colorist. Furaffinity fucks with the image quality on the initial upload if it's bigger than 1280px in either direction but they allow you to reupload the submission file without their awful compression or resolution limit. Twitter is super shit for image quality and they make it difficult to view old tweets so I hope it doesn't come to using that for a main gallery.

FA with the reuploading trick as a gallery and Twitter to share updates/new pics might be the simplest options? I'm not really versed in FA guidelines so I don't know if there's any issue to posting color edited images or anything. Hope you find something that works out without too much of a headache.

@typhlosion95 @BadGengar oh oof :/

But this makes no sence, i'm following two artist that color others people work and they are fine, i'm not saying that they need to be punished like you, i'm saying that you need to search for help, if nothing happends could you post your work FA? I know FA has an limit that the image can have, but it is possible to ignore the limit, making the pic to have the original colors and everything else.