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I'm just a guy who's a colourist for fun.
[I will remove any art I have coloured upon request from the original artist]

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Colouring Requests

Posted by BadGengar - December 30th, 2018

Request Guide Lines

I will colour pretty much anything, both NSFW and SFW.

The few exceptions I have are:

Extreme Gore

When you send me a request you fist need to make sure it’s one of the four Y’s:

  • You Drew It
  • You Commissioned It
  • You Requested it
  • You Got Permission

If it meets that criteria I’ll get onto it asap.

You can message me to drop me a link to the image/original post.

I can not stress this enough:

Please make sure you contact me with the info for the artist [FA/DA/Weasyl/Newgrounds/Twitterect. URL, if you’re not the artist] a link to the original post so I can link back to the original post/artist.

Also, I will, upon request, refrain from mentioning you in the post info if you don’t want your name attached to it.




How many pictures can we request be colored at one time? And what if it by chance turns out the artist who drew it can't be linked back because they no longer have an account to link to for any number of reasons like deleting, deactivating or have their account removed by the site for no reason other than outside influence forcing it like the Tumblr incident that happened for some accounts? Just curious about that kind of situation for a picture.

I can do more then one, but it will take longer. As for linking back to the OP, as long as I have a NAME for them I can deal with it, I just ask you look as hard as you can to see if they have NOTHING at all online, if they don't I'll just use their handle in the post.

@BadGengar good to know.

I've got a couple I'd love to have colored but one is on IB and the other the artist only uploaded to sta.sh so it's in my files.

What about people who can't draw but request some art that needs to be colored while they ask for permission at the same time? (I.E. asking the artist if said colorist can color their piece.) Like I see so many great pieces that I think you could color they are pretty great.

As long as you get permission for me to colour them and give me the artist details, I can do that.